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Management Accounts

I can provide businesses with monthly or quarterly management accounts and management reports. These reports give companies an up to date view of their finances and performance. These can be compared to previous periods to provide greater insight into businesses performance. This allows businesses to make quick, informed decisions to help boost their performance. Preparing detailed monthly reports can help identify the more profitable areas of your business by comparing them to budgets and previous periods and eventually to the same month 12 months ago. This information can help confirm any trends in your business, helping you to market a particular area at a specific time of year. Management accounts are particularly useful when businesses are looking to expand or diversify because cash flow can be more important than ever during these times. The accounts can be used internally and externally if finance is required the bank or finance provider may require management accounts. They can be used internally to prepare a cash flow forecast to ensure all obligations are met on time.

VAT Returns

I can help you understand the requirements to be VAT registered, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of registering before you are obliged to. I can help you complete the VAT registration with HMRC and consider if any of the VAT schemes available may be advantageous for you. I can prepare your VAT return or help you with it. What you can and can’t claim can be complicated, and I can help you claim the right amount on each Return. Once your turnover is over the VAT threshold, VAT Registration is compulsory; it is now also a requirement to submit VAT Returns through a compliant software with HMRC. I can help with the transition from a manual bookkeeping system to automated software, ensuring opening balances are entered and the system is set up in the most suitable way for you.


Investing in having someone prepare your bookkeeping can save you time and money in the long run. I have many years of experience dealing with many different clients giving you a reduced level of risk of human error, ensuring no missed payments to HMRC or missed deadlines. I have used several software packages, some mainstream and others bespoke to the client so whichever you use I will be able to help. If you don’t know what the best package is for your business, I can help you chose the right one for you. Having bookkeeping prepared professionally will save you time and will result in sending a fully reconciled set of records to the accountants, which may save them time and potentially reduce your fee. Without preparing full management accounts, bookkeeping can still be prepared to manage budgets and compare to previous periods helping you to make informed business decisions.

Software Training

If you or your staff need some help with the bookkeeping software you use, then I can help them use it to its full potential. I’ve used and trained people on many different systems such as Xero and Sage. The training will be bespoke to you or your staff to ensure you get the most out of your system. This could be to ensure items are reconciled and posted correctly to creating management reports to help you run your business. For example, if you/your staff are preparing bookkeeping themselves but you are not 100% sure on which nominal code should be used for an expense or which VAT rate you should be using. Such as whether an item should be zero-rated and included on the VAT Return or is outside the scope of VAT and should not be included on the VAT Return. If you are considering changing the software or implementing new software, I can come in and look at your circumstances and help advise what is best for you. Once deciding on the best software, I can help install and train you/your team as necessary to make sure the system is working as efficiently as possible for you.

Tax Returns

If you have to submit a tax return to HMRC, I can help you register, identify the information required and prepare the tax return for you. Whether you have rental properties, a small sole trader business, received dividends or are required to submit a return for another reason please get in touch. Having your tax return prepared professionally can help minimise the risk of errors and ensure you are claiming all reliefs available to you.